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"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


someone help me understand PLEASE

So I get that there are feminine boys and masculine women. I understand that there are certain characteristics society teaches us that are tied to certain identities. I just don’t get how people think they are born with the wrong gender? I hear all this stuff that we should teach kids that you can be a boy or a girl, and that you can choose ? Shouldn’t we be just be teaching kids that its ok if boys play with barbies, girls can play football and so on. Shouldn’t we just be teaching acceptance. Also another question. Do people that have a sex change, do they do it because they act more like the opposite gender so they get a sex change to fit into society with more acceptance, or do they do it more because they really truly feel that they are the wrong gender? I guess I am just asking why do we let our reproductive organs and hormones tell us what is “ok” for us to do ? 

I am sorry if any of this sounds offensive, I just want to understand, 


trying to figure out someone else’s shower